Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Friends, Countrymen, Lend us an Ear?

She had been looking forward to the show for weeks.
Had it marked on her calendar.
Her friends had seen it and gave rave reviews.
She left at intermission.
She couldn’t hear.

It was hard enough already, she knew she was losing her hearing. Her family members were upset they had to keep repeating things, and she was upset she kept missing out in conversations.

She thought the theater would be different. The actors project after all.

And project they did, she heard patrons behind her discussing the quality of the actors’ voices but she was having difficulty with her hearing again.

As she passed by the Box Office, they could see she was upset and asked how they could assist. They offered an Assistive Listening Device. She went back into the show. It helped, but not enough.

P2G_ear_DonorsIt’s vital to Orlando Shakespeare Theater that every patron enjoys their experience so we’ve launched our “Lend us an Ear” campaign to ensure that every patron has the first rate experience they deserve. Our Assistive Listening Devices are sadly out of date. We must raise $6,000 to upgrade our out-of-date assistive listening devices.  These devices amplify sound by using special microphones and speakers while cutting out background noise and giving volume control to the user. They’re compatible with hearing aids as well.  Most importantly, they ensure that patrons who are Deaf or hard of hearing are truly able to enjoy the magic of our theater.

Hearing issues are more common than you think.  As one of our loyal supporters, we ask for your help in raising awareness about this important campaign amongst your family, friends, and colleagues. More people are affected than you might think, it’s estimated more than 32.5 million adults in the US are Deaf or hard of hearing. Your gift will receive a 50% match from Bank of America, guaranteeing your generous dollars go even further! For more information please visit

– Orlando Shakespeare Theater Development Department


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