Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Work of Art

I love theater. I love every part of theater. My favorite portion of producing a show is tech week; it’s long, exhausting, taxing, and thrilling. I enjoy it because I finally get to see every other artist’s hard work come together like puzzle pieces. I always feel like an important, yet very small piece of a much larger picture.

This summer I have been working in a much different capacity. Marketing has stretched me in new ways and has helped me discover new things about myself. I have discovered things that I excel at and things that could use some improvements. In all things, however, I have tried to treat my work like art. If you learn to treat work like a piece of artwork, it’s easier to find the potential and the beauty in anything. An artist always has room to grow, to learn, and to improve upon their craft. If we each treated ourselves like artists, the possibilities in any work place and position would be endless.

Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s 2014-2015 Signature Series is fast approaching. While I’m usually a part of the acting puzzle piece, it has been exciting to view the complete picture as a marketing puzzle piece. I’m still an artist, orchestrating my contribution to match the entire picture. I’m a very small, yet important piece to a much, much larger picture.

Tess Carr-10 e webTess Carr is a recent graduate of Valencia College with a degree in American Sign Language Interpretation. She is also an actor, having performed most recently at the Orlando Fringe Festival. You might have seen her on some local stages including the Orlando Repertory Theatre, Mad Cow Theatre, Athens, and Central Florida Community Arts, just to name a few. After her summer as Marketing Intern at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, she plans to attend The University of North Florida in Jacksonville to complete her bachelor’s degree in political science. 


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