Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Inspired Shakespeare/Shakespeare Inspires

I was home-schooled from kindergarten all the way through my senior year of high school. Naturally, my mom, as both my teacher and my principle, made some decisions that I wasn’t okay with. Among these was the fact that I would be forced to read Shakespeare, an assignment which I was not particularly thrilled to get started. Little did my mother know that her resistant daughter would soon turn into a Shakespeare enthusiast.

I can still remember my first Shakespeare production. It was here at Orlando Shakes during my 7th grade year. My mom had created a brilliant formula for tackling Shakespeare. I attended King Lear at the beginning of the run, came home and read it aloud, and then went back to the Theater to see the show one more time. It helped me fully grasp Shakespeare and understand the language. I spent the next five years seeing every Orlando Shakes production and reading from my Complete Works of William Shakespeare textbook. By my senior year of high school, I had read Shakespeare’s entire canon from front to back.

Interning here in the Marketing Department, I’ve begun to think through exactly what the Theater is creating. The Orlando Shakespeare Theater, among other things, does Shakespeare. We are Shakespeare-inspired and Shakespeare-driven. But, we also create inspired Shakespeare; Shakespeare that is new, innovative, and thoughtful. We create inspired Shakespeare so that his work can inspire others, including myself.

Tess Carr-10 e webTess Carr is a recent graduate of Valencia College with a degree in American Sign Language Interpretation. She is also an actor, having performed most recently at the Orlando Fringe Festival. You might have seen her on some local stages including the Orlando Repertory Theatre, Mad Cow Theatre, Athens, and Central Florida Community Arts, just to name a few. After her summer as Marketing Intern at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater, she plans to attend The University of North Florida in Jacksonville to complete her bachelor’s degree in political science. 


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