Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Getting To Know You: Landon St. Gordon

When you’re admiring a poster in Orlando Shakes’ lobby, do you ever stop and think about the person who designed it? In this week’s edition of our Getting To Know You series, I spoke with a very valuable member of our Marketing Team: Landon St. Gordon. Landon, who’s been with Orlando Shakes since January 2013, is the Theater’s Multimedia Coordinator and is responsible for designing all the artwork, advertising, billboards, postcards, posters, and banners we produce. He also maintains our website and creates graphics for social media and emails. Needless to say, we work him pretty hard around here.

859492_10101820611022762_1104258775_oLandon’s Favorite Shakespeare Play: Twelfth Night
Landon’s Favorite Show Seen At Orlando Shakes: Titus Andronicus, Spring 2013
Landon’s Most Anticipated Show This Season: The Taming of the Shrew

sleepingbeautyCORTEZLandon is a Florida native, born and raised in Kissimmee. After graduating from high school, he jumped straight into classes at the University of Central Florida, where he received his bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Marketing and Film. Upon graduation, Landon landed a marketing internship with UCF Business Services. It wasn’t until his boss asked him to design a map, referring him to some YouTube tutorials, that Landon ever touched Adobe Illustrator. He taught himself graphic design and realized he had a passion for it, eventually receiving a promotion to design marketing materials for businesses at UCF. After working at the University for three years, his roommate forwarded him Orlando Shakes’ job posting. “I love theater and graphic design, so it was a perfect storm for me,” Landon said.When tackling any assigned project at Orlando Shakes, Landon’s design process usually consists of getting a concept, researching inspirational images, and developing a design. From there, he routes it throughout the office and often edits multiple drafts of one design. “I like it when people tell me they like my design,” he said. “I like it even more when they don’t. Constructive criticism helps me grow as a designer.” The project Landon is most proud of is our 25th Anniversary Season guide, in which he created unique art for 9 out of 11 shows this year. Watching the 40 page brochure come to life was “an awesome thing” for the designer.

In addition to his passion for graphic design, Landon loves to act and has been a performer at Osceola Center for the Arts since 2010. His talent has been showcased in 15 of the community theater’s productions and he can currently be seen as Robert in Boeing, Boeing. The play is part of the Summer Blackbox Series presented by Nothin’ Productions and Gateway High School Theatre Department, running in repertory with Biloxi Blues and The Children’s Hour through August 4th.

I hope that the next time you receive a show postcard in the mail or pick up an Orlando Shakes brochure, you think about the talented artist who designed it for us. Look out for my next post as I continue to get to know the hardworking staff members here at the Theater!

Shakespearely yours,
Melissa Landy

Public Relations Coordinator


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