Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Sir Patrick Stewart…ENGAGE!

In a board meeting more than a month ago I heard this nugget of information:

“There’s a possibility Sir Patrick Stewart will be here in March.”

My jaw dropped and my body went numb for a brief moment. While our theater has had some famous players come to visit, Sir Patrick is in a league of his own. He’s a huge power in the acting industry and has a substantial following in TV, movies, and theater. If we could wrangle in someone of Sir Patrick’s caliber, we would be golden.

“He is scheduled to appear at the Mega Con convention, but the possibility of him coming to the theater is at 10%. We’ll know more information in the coming weeks.”

So we waited for an update. And waited. And waited. Then it got to the point of us losing contact with the mega star. The outlook appeared grim.

But then, 2 weeks before his discussed appearance, it happened. Sir Patrick confirmed the event and the scramble for the marketing department and box office began. Between working on advertisements, updating our website, writing a press release, working out pricing and seating map details, and canceling a scheduled performance, we were pushed to the limit. While that was going on, we still had 3 shows running at the time and a few deadlines to meet for other upcoming performances. But we knew it would be worth all that work in the end.

The event with Sir Patrick Stewart will be a discussion much like the format of Inside the Actor’s Studio. The main focus will be Sir Patrick’s credits in the theater. Our Artistic Director Jim Helsinger will host. After the talk, there will be 20 minute question and answer session where the audience can be a part of the action.

Last Tuesday was the on-sale for the Patrick Stewart. We thought it would sell well, but we had no idea what was to await us. The show sold out in 30 MINUTES. It was a busy free-for-all where the phones were ringing off the hook and our online sales were out of control. And just like that it was over – almost right after it began.

Friday will be a huge day for us as a staff. It will be a huge day for the Orlando and Central Florida community. And it will be a huge day for my dad, the biggest Sir Patrick Stewart nerd out there, who will be my date for the evening’s festivities.

Can’t wait to hear some wise thoughts from the famed Knight.

Multimedia Coordinator Landon and I with Patrick Stewart's eyes. He's watching you!

Multimedia Coordinator Landon and I with Patrick Stewart’s eyes. He’s watching you!

Love and Shakespeare,
A’riel Tinter
Public Relations Coordinator, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


One response

  1. Lyssa Braga

    For those of us that were unable to get tickets, can’t you post some kind of blurb about the Patrick Stewart event? A couple of profound wisdoms shared perhaps? Thanks

    March 28, 2013 at 1:55 pm

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