Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Nothing like a good piece of “bad” theater

“It’s like a train wreck….you can’t stop looking away.”

The Ladies of Farndale Avenue

You’ve probably heard this phrase a time or two in your lifetime. I know I have. I think this is the sole reason I watch TV shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and Hoarders. All of these awful events are happening, and yet you are glued to the tube anxiously waiting  for what’s about to occur next.

“Why are they spray tanning this child and giving her energy drinks?”
“Is she gonna win the pageant?”
“How is this person living in all of this filth? How will he get better?”

Oh, good bad TV. Am I right?

With all of that in mind, we can draw comparisons with good bad theater. You know, those farcical comedies where everything seems to go wrong, people are running around like crazies,  and you feel slightly uncomfortable, yet intrigued by what’s unfolding. Plays like Noises Off or Moon Over Buffalo. That train wreck you can’t stop watching. They are all one in the same!

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society’s Production of A Christmas Carol (the longest title in the universe) is that disaster you’re waiting for. A group of ladies attempt to put on the classic by Charles Dickens and well, it’s easy to say the show falls apart. Actors go missing, there’s a random appearance from Santa, bizarre and inappropriate sound cues are heard, trouble with the set pieces cause major issues, and the fabulous, fan favorite Anne Hering plays Ebeneezer Scrooge. What’s endearing about this story is that the women of the Farndale…Dramatic’s Society are so dedicated to bring the best possible show to their audiences, they tug at your heartstrings and you end up rooting for them the entire way despite all of their mishaps.

It’s one big holiday chaotic disaster wrapped up and ready for you to open. Why see the basic, typical A Christmas Carol when you can see a delicious bad version of it? And it’s completely family friendly, so pack up the car and put some magic in your holiday season.

Also, to put an obvious plug into this blog, check out my Orlando Shakes video where the staff tries to guess the correct title to Farndale.

Tis the season,
A’riel T.
Marketing Intern, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


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