Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Wait, Do We HAVE to Go?

Theater has always been a huge part of my life. But not everyone is as gung-ho as I am about attending a performance, which is a fact that I find myself frequently forgetting.

In relationships there are differences. Take me for instance. I am a theater-loving gal who is dating a sports & engineering enthusiast. Figuring out what to do on dates can be a tad bit challenging at times.

Philip Nolen, Brad DePlanche, and Christopher Patrick Mullen in “The Complete Works” Photo by Julie Fletcher

But when I first heard that Orlando Shakes was putting on The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), I knew I had to bring my guy to see it with me. I’ve had a brief history with this particular show – I first saw it back in 2005 in my hometown because a good friend was in it. I laughed so hard that I went back a second time. This was my first introduction to the Bard and I was pleasantly surprised by the rich themes and content of his works.

But what I enjoyed most about the Complete Works… was that is took the stories of Shakespeare and put it in a way for the audience to relate. Pop culture references were thrown in for extra laughs. Whether your knowledge of Shakespeare included all of his works or just the Romeo + Juliet, the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, you were entertained.

My guy wasn’t too keen on the idea of date night to be at the theater, but he was coaxed accordingly. I knew that as long as I was able to get his butt in the seat, the rest would take care of itself. And it did. The show was much better than I had recalled. Jim Helsinger did an excellent job directing all of the slapstick humor and peppering in current events into the script, as well the actors for their impeccable comic timing. Did you know there’s a whole section of the production dedicated to football? Needless to say that became my boyfriend’s favorite part.

If you’re on the fence on attending this play, take the chance.  Where else can you have Shakespeare, One Direction, Anderson Cooper, AND the Orlando Magic all in one show?

On the way home, my date raved about the entire evening. And then one of his engineering buddies came to the theater and could not stop telling me how much he loved it too. I love being right.

Love and Shakespeare,
A’riel T.
Marketing Intern, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


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