Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Enjoy a date night at Orlando Shakes

The working parent’s average day is a mad dash from the breakfast table, to the car line, to the conference room, back to the car line, home, homework, cook, clean, and then – thankfully – bed. There is very little time to relax, share a quite moment with our significant other or dare I say it – have a grown up night out. If you are anything like me, the first thing you lose sight of in this whirlwind we call parenting, is YOU. I love live theater. Heck, I work for one! But, finding the time and the disposable income for theater tickets AND a sitter is nearly impossible. That is why I love Orlando Shakes’ new program called PlayShop.

PlayShop invites the busy working parents in our community to enjoy a night out by offering a fun and educational experience for our children while we enjoy an evening at the theater. And what is even better is that PlayShop is a bargain at just $15 per child. Children will participate in fun theater games, learn a song or two, and make a craft project and more. PlayShop is date night, play date and an exciting theater experience for the whole family all rolled into one.

PlayShop takes place in the Lowndes Shakespeare Center and is available to children ages 5-12. To find out more about PlayShop dates you can visit or contact me directly at 407-447-1700 ext 254.

See you at PlayShop!



Lisa Devins Horohoe is a mom of two amazing kids that keep her on her toes.  She received a BFA in Acting and Directing from Montclair University, and has worked at Orlando Shakespeare Theater for more than six seasons.

She now serves as our Theater for Young Audiences Coordinator, teaches community classes, and coordinates in school theater workshops.


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