Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Life Just Got a Little Easier for Theater-Going Parents

Children are the joys of the universe, aren’t they? When their tantrums or wild behavior can sometimes grate on our nerves, we sometimes forget that these tiny humans are quite cuddly and fun to be around. So, in turn, we go on adventures: to the museum, to the zoo, to the theater, to the mall, to ballet, to soccer. And we’re happy to partake in these activities because we want to give them and show them the world.

For the record, I give major kudos to every parent reading this blog and beyond. You all are to be commended for what you do, and if I could give every single one of you a medal, I would. I think of my mom and dad and just cringe thinking that they had to deal with me 24/7 for most of my life. Couldn’t have been easy, that’s for sure.

But do you ever just want to take a night off and do something for you? A night with the girls, perhaps? Or how about a date night with your significant other?

Yeah, I know I’ve read your mind.

Orlando Shakes is thinking of you and your mental needs. On select Fridays for every Signature and Studio Series show, we’re introducing what we call Playshop. Playshop is an educational and interactive class that takes place for the duration of the performance for kids ages 5-12. You pick up your show tickets, check your kids in another room across the hallway from the theater, and that’s it! And at $15 a child, it’s cheaper than arranging a babysitter!

Education Class

Here are the dates for PlayShop:
Shakespeare Abridged – Sept. 28
Exit Interview & Race – Oct. 19
Farndale….Christmas Carol – Dec. 14
Othello & The Odyssey – March 1
Sense and Sensibility – March 8
Titus Andronicus – April 12

For more info:

Now’s your chance to catch all the blood in Titus or all the colorful language in Race without the guilt. What could be better than that?

Love and Shakespeare,
A’riel T.
Marketing Intern, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


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