Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Meet Our New House Manager – Joe!

So you’ve arrived at the theater. You retrieve your tickets at the box office and are now being helped to your seat by one of our wonderful ushers. But wait. In the corner of your eye, you catch a man with a headset assisting volunteers and patrons. Who exactly is this mysterious and attractive male?

Why, it’s Joe Sloat, our new house manager! After several dedicated years of service, our previous house manager, John Ryan, has moved on to new opportunities (an awesome job at Universal Studios). As for Joe, you may remember him as last season’s assistant box office manager. Fresh and ready to rock, Joe begins house managing for Cinderella next week.

I sat down for quick interview with Joe and here’s what I learned about the man behind the house managing magic:

Where are you originally from?
West Norwalk, Connecticut.

What is your favorite part about Florida?
The Absence of Snow… although everything being named Winter Something is a constant reminder.

What is your favorite part about working at Orlando Shakes?
Positivity. Everyone is happy to be here. I find that to be very unusual in a workplace.

What are you most excited about with your new position?
Coordinating from the Eye of the Storm. So much happens at Orlando Shakes, it’s fun to be literally in the middle of it.

What are some of your hobbies?
My wife and I love adventuring, which makes Central Florida a great base of operations. We’re members at all the parks. We love online gaming, ice skating, and our cats Hannibal & Scipio.

Where’s the best place to grab a bite near the theater?
I’m a big fan of Sushi Lola’s on Corrine Drive. The atmosphere is welcoming and the sushi is top notch.

Originally you were an EMT. How did you end up in the theatre?
I’ve been a Firefighter/EMT since I was 18, but before that I grew up doing Musicals and All-State Choir. Returning to the theater was a happy turn of events.

If you see him at Orlando Shakes, feel free to say hello – he’s a stand-up guy!

Love and Shakespeare,
A’riel T.
Marketing Intern, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


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