Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

10 Super Awesome Reasons Why You Should Be a Shakes Subscriber

Hello folks!

As we reach the deadline for subscriptions for next season (Sunday, April 29th), I am here to tell you, yes YOU, why you should be subscriber for the upcoming season. Actually, I will give you 10 reasons why. Hopefully by the end of this you will be clamoring for a subscription from the box office.

Here we go!

1. The price is right. (No, better than right!)
For 6 shows, the price is $159 per person. That averages out to be $26.50 per show! Most professional theaters charge upwards of $50-$150 per ticket for admission to their shows. But we say NO! We want to provide quality theater for an affordable price. And if that price point seems a little high for your budget, we have other options: preview subscriptions are $96 per person ($16 per show) and senior matinees subscriptions, available for people of all ages, are $90 per person ($15 per show)! Wow, what a deal! You can’t get any subscription for those prices nowadays, so take advantage of them while you can!

2. You get the same seats for every show! I’m serious.
Tired of fighting for your favorite seats? With a subscription, the battle is finally over.  You can keep those left side, 3rd row aisle seats you love so much, show after show, year after year. You heard me right. Not only can you get the same seats for every show, you can renew those same seats for the next season and beyond. You can have them forever! Signing up for a new subscription and we don’t have the exact seats you want? We’ll get to as close to your request as possible, and if those seats happen to open up in the future, we will move you.  We’re here to make your theatrical experience as fabulous as possible!

3. The sweet variety of our programming
The 12/13 season has something for everyone. We have some hilarious farcical comedies with Shakespeare Abridged and Farndale… We have intense, Shakespearean dramas with Othello and Titus Andronicus. This year marks our first foray into the world of David Mamet (of Glengarry Glen Ross fame), and we are tackling his most recent Broadway hit, Race. And if lighter, period romances are more your thing, then look no further than our production of Sense and Sensibility. These choices will whet any theater-goer’s appetite.

4. We have even MORE shows! Welcome the Studio Series!
Just when you thought our 6 Signature Series shows (plus the 3 TYA shows) were enough, we threw everyone a curve ball and added a brand new Studio Series to our docket. Two shows fresh from our PlayFest events, The Exit Interview & The Odyssey, are coming to you in the Mandell Theater next to the box office. Be the first to catch these performances before they jet set to other regional theaters and/or New York. And for just $38 per person to add on to your subscription, there’s no reason to miss out! (Plus, with this being new, the seating availability is WIDE OPEN!)

5. FREE UNLIMITED EXCHANGES! (This needed the capital letters)
Do you hate the words, “I’m sorry we cannot exchange these tickets.” Yeah, me too. BUT as a subscriber, you have the ability to exchange your tickets an unlimited amount of times for other subscriber performances for FREE. Ahh, free! Such a wonderful word. However, if you exchange your tickets for shows outside the subscription ones, there is an upcharge. But sub shows are every show within the first two weeks of a run, so you have many different options to choose from when switching. And as always, we will do our best to accommodate your seating preferences for your new performance if you decide to switch!

6. No extra fees!
You heard it right. We have eliminated all fees for next season. Get excited!

7. Have friends? You can get them a discount!
Every subscriber can buy extra tickets for any performance with a steep $10 off discount. Now they have no excuse not to join you for a night out at the theater.

8. Discounts galore to your favorite business and restaurants!
Make a full day or night out with some shopping or eating some fantastic foods. Everyone will deem you the fun person/people to go out with.

9. Skip to the front of the line to purchase special events!
A special guest, such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman or Roger Rees, is coming to Orlando Shakes?  Subscribers get to be the ones who have first pick at seating! Now you can make all your friends and co-workers jealous. “Wait, you have 3rd row center tickets to so and so?!”

10. Subscribers know FIRST!
Subs get to know the upcoming season first and are invited to their very own season preview for free! Super cool!

And there you have it. The box office is waiting for your call. It’s true —I asked them. You only have 3 more days to seize this opportunity! Run to your phones and dial 407-447-1700.

Love and Shakespeare,
A’riel T.
Marketing Intern, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


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