Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Things are winding down!


This is a photo of me, my brother, and sister in New Orleans.


Hello There,

My time here at Orlando Shakes is quickly coming to an end. I cannot believe almost nine months has gone by so quickly.

But there’s never a dull moment as Charlotte’s Web continues to play to packed houses filled with kids enjoying and experiencing the magic of theatre, some for the first time. We have wrapped our final Education classes for the year, and I can say I’m proud of myself for being involved in the shaping of a few young artistic temperaments. I tend to be a little reserved sometimes, and working with kids all year definitely loosened me up, and taught me to be a little silly, absolutely a learning experience for all involved. We also took our 37 minute touring version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream into a school for a few guerrilla theater performances, and it went over quite well. Going into a class and presenting students with Shakespeare up close and personal is a great way of reaching them, as opposed to simply reading it out of a textbook.

I went to New Orleans for a weekend to see my father get married, and had a fantastic time. It’s a truly gorgeous city, and it was wonderful to finally see the place where so many of Tennessee Williams’ greatest works take place.

We’re in rehearsal to put Charlotte’s Web into a traveling production for a school tour during the last week of the internship, which I think is a very exciting and creative way to go out. If you’ve already seen my play, come see Red, a electrifying night of theatre with a great cast.

Til Next Time,


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