Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Charlotte’s Web and A Look into the Future!

Ryan as Templeton in "Charlotte's Web"

Hey Everyone!

Wow, time is really flying by. It feels like just yesterday we were starting rehearsals for the Rep, and now we’re already well into the run of Charlotte’s Web. Thanks to the amazing Shakespeare Theatre Association Conference we had here at OST, I got an acting job at Livermore Shakespeare in Livermore, CA this summer! I’ll be doing Hamlet and The Merry Wives of Windsor in repertory. In the past year, I will have lived in Ohio, Florida, and California, and the reason for all that is my job. Acting is wonderful that can take you places and put you in contact with great people that you never would have experienced otherwise. I think that’s been the most exciting part of the journey so far, and I hope it continues to be.

We were rehearsing Charlotte’s during the closing of the Rep, and it’s always a challenging experience to be balancing several shows at once. With great direction, and a fun cast comprised of the other interns, Charlotte’s has opened to great success. The kids love it, and we do to. Two shows a day during the weekdays, and shows followed by autograph sessions on the weekends really get you up and personal with the children, and it’s such a rare opportunity to affect someone’s perspective on things at such a young age. Their eyes just light up sometimes, it’s so cool.

We’re also readying a modifiied touring version of both Charlotte’s and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in which I am playing Puck. I love being in the spirit of process, workshopping, and creating one’s own work. One thing that I’ve learned here is that an actor is never just an actor, he can be a writer, dresser, makeup artist, teacher, assistant, and student at the same time. I’m going to New Orleans today for my father’s wedding, and am beyond excited! I’ve never been there before!

Till Next Time,


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