Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Coloring: A Lost Art

“Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.”
-Al Hirschfeld

As we grow older, coloring seems to become more of a faux pas. We put away the colored pencils, crayons, and markers and begin to take on different, more adult activities.

But why?

This Sunday, while working at the box office (intern by weekday, box office staff by weekend), I decided to reminisce on my younger days. So I colored one of our fabulous Charlotte’s Web coloring sheets. While I’m not quite an artist and my palette selection was a tad limited (5 brightly colored highlighters), I had a blast constructing something entirely new.

The best part was talking to the enthusiastic kids about their own pictures and connecting with them by showing off my masterpiece.  These kids are so creative and I greatly enjoy receiving and gazing at their beautiful works of art!

Not only do kids get a nice little discount when they turn in their drawings, but those drawings also get posted online so others can see their great work too!

Below is a link to a slideshow of some of the pieces we’ve gotten so far:
Charlotte’s Web Drawings!


My finished product complete with Box Office/Front of House Staff names!



Love and Shakespeare,
A’riel T.
Marketing Intern, Orlando Shakespeare Theater


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