Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

“Romeo and Juliet” Actor Expected to Recover After Opening Night Injury

During Act 2 of last night’s opening night performance of Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s production of Romeo and Juliet, actor Johnny Lee Davenport (Lord Capulet) fell backstage and sustained injuries to his head. Mr. Davenport was taken to the hospital where he received stitches and was released later that evening.  Following a hold to arrange for medical attention, the show continued with Artistic Director Jim Helsinger capably stepping in to perform the role.

Johnny Lee Davenport

Johnny Lee Davenport and Stella Heath

 Jim Helsinger said Mr. Davenport will not attend this afternoon’s rehearsal for Cymbeline, but does plan to return to perform the role of Lord Capulet in this evening’s performance of Romeo and Juliet.

The staff at Orlando Shakes would like to thank everyone who expressed concern and best wishes for Mr. Davenport. Special thanks and kudos to the opening night audience who showed immense support throughout the performance, giving the actors a rousing standing ovation. We are very happy to say that Johnny is recovering well and will continue in the role.


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