Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Busy! Busy! Busy! at Orlando Shakes

Happy Holidays!

Just because it’s that time of year doesn’t mean things are slowing down at Orlando Shakes. Brad and I are in our last week as dressers on the hilarious production of A Tuna Christmas, and it’s been a great experience being on the other side of the stage. We’re still in curriculum planning for the upcoming Winter Class Sessions, and I’m excited to be teaching high schoolers about the preparation it takes to perform a Shakespearean piece with honesty, and meaning behind it. We’ve decided to use Twelfth Night as a jumping off point for the class, and I’m looking forward to working on speeches from it with them.

The most exciting bit of news I have is that the Classic Rep finally went into rehearsal last week! The theater is full of new actors, and I couldn’t be more exhilarated to be observing all these varying work ethics and approaches to acting that come with a large professional ensemble.

Romeo and Juliet has been pared down and cut into an almost cinematic, stylish format, and Cymbeline is going to be like a huge Bollywood carnival. It’s great to see actors at different stages in their careers. Some are just a few years older than me, and new to Orlando Shakes, while others are well-established, award-winning actors who are no strangers to the Orlando stages.

Everyone is busy, busy, busy.

Between the Rep rehearsals, A Tuna Christmas, and the smash hit Bitches of the Kingdom, every room in the building is filled with art, collaboration, and creativity.

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I got a few days off for Christmas, and I was lucky enough to be invited over to intern Micheal Shenefelt’s house to celebrate with his family. I’m really grateful at this time of year to have friends and people who care about me in this city even when I’m far away from home. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and I wish you a Happy New Year!

– Ryan


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