Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Happy Holidays (almost)

Hey everyone!

It’s been an exciting few weeks since I last posted…we’ve been taking some really fascinating classes in our Shakespeare Intensive, and working hard on the rest of the run for Miss Nelson is Missing. As I’m writing this, there are thirty-eight performances down, and only three left to go. I’ve never gotten the chance to perform such a long run, and it’s been a great learning process. The challenge of keeping the show fresh is really fun and revealing. BUT, the kids are are always awesome, whether it’s a huge week day audience or fun-filled show weekend performance with an autograph session, each group has been a truly individual and unexpected joy.  I know they’ve given me a newfound sense of play and renewed childhood vigor that I hope I can bring to all my future roles and theatrical experiences.

Miss Nelson_Ryan

Ryan Czerwonko and cast in "Miss Nelson is Missing"

Also, my fellow intern, Brad Frost, and I are understudies/dressers for the upcoming holiday show, A Tuna Christmas. It’s been great to meet new actors at the theater, and to get to see their intensive process as an actor. The show is a two man roller coaster ride, in which they portray tons of residents in a small Texas town. The characters are at times hilarious, vicious and, sometimes, surprisingly heartbreaking.

Tuna Christmas!

Mark Lainer* and Michael Kevin Baldwin* in A Tuna Christmas

Also, I haven’t worked often with the costume department, so I’m excited to add another skill set to my resume. I’m looking forward to the run of Tuna, and getting excited for this year’s Classic Rep…we just received our scripts and show packets. Very exciting!!!

Well, I’m off to a show now, I’ll be posting again soon!



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