Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Director’s Notes from “God of Carnage”

“A study in the tension between civilized surface and savage instinct, this play is itself a satisfyingly primitive entertainment with an intellectual veneer.”  – Ben Brantley, New York Times

God of Carmage

God of Carnage

The question at the base of any good play is — Who are we?  Plays and playwrights have been examining the human condition since the Greeks took up their pens and let their gods start toying with humans.  While the gods played, our destiny, our hubris, our loves, our passions, our failures, our victories, our strengths, and our flaws would be revealed is glorious and sometimes cruel ways.

Yasmina Reza explores the God of Carnage.  She asks that fundamental question — Who are we?  Her answer ain’t pretty, but it is absurd and hilariously raucous.  When protecting our children, we have the potential to become animals.

The characters in Ms. Reza’s play each find their animal inside, instinctual and savage.  And while they are finding their way from the ‘civilized surface’ to ‘savage instinct,’ we are seeing ourselves in what will feel like a funhouse mirror, because we can laugh at the somewhat grotesque image in front of us.

– Mark Routhier, Director
God of Carnage


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