Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Fervent in the Fall

“People don’t seem to talk to one another enough. We are seperate. Our contacts are hasty, utilitarian or escapist. We must get to know ourselves by getting to know one another.” – Harold Clurman

I’ve been in Orlando for over two months now. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people, experienced some great theatre and collaboration, and constantly reevaluating and deepening my understanding and commitment to the theatre. Since my last entry, I appeared in a reading of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. To be working in a regional theatre with integrity, participating in the celebration of the birth of one of America’s greatest writers, Tennessee Williams, was a blessing.

Revisiting a now classic work and determining how it can be applicable to today’s world is a major testament to vitality to the power of endurance and the human connection across time. I’ve been trying to find a real community here in Orlando. My relationships with my co-workers are no longer just that, but have evolved into real friendships. I feel at home where I am and that it is my purpose to be here.

Rehearsals have begun for Miss Nelson is Missing. It’s been over a year since I’ve been in a musical, and it’s always wonderful to rediscover my singing voice after a long break. I love the energy and enthusiasm that is required to perform children’s theatre. And as Earnest is closing, God of Carnage is opening. The juxtaposition of the two shows, one a classic, the other an extremely contemporary, visceral new work, is why I love this place. The audience will be just as delighted by the troubles of two sets of modern day parents, as they were by the love affairs of the 1890s British aristocracy. On the horizon is PlayFest, where I will reading in Feverish, and I recieved casting for the repertory productions of Romeo and Juliet(Balthazar), and Cymbeline(1st Lord).

And let’s not forget the first strike of the season! I’m loving!!! The cooler weather and having a fantastic so far this season at Orlando Shakes!!!


Here are some rehearsal pics from Nelson:


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