Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Happy Opening to the Cast of EARNEST!

Hey guys!

It seems like I’ve just posted one blog when it’s already time to post another…this week has been jam-packed for me and everyone here at Orlando Shakes.

First off, the interns taught their first children’s community classes, which are every Saturday at 9am. My fellow intern, Amanda Leakey, and I are in charge Super Readers Theatre, which is a class tailored to first and second graders, with the ultimate objective of teaching how fairy tales/children’s stories can be related to theatre, and how that can in turn teach them about the world. I expected the children to be more shy than they were, but they turned out to be more than eager to participate and extremely vocal.

The task of teaching children seemed daunting at first, but it was really quite fun and a great test in creativity and inventiveness, both for me and the kids. After a couple of introductory/name games, we took them on a tour of the theatre and had them act out some nursery rhymes we read to them. I really enjoyed meeting the kids and can’t wait to get to know them better, and help them develop their creative sides. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to give to someone so young and full of life.

While myself and the rest of the understudies for The Importance of Being Earnest were busy getting our final blocking down for the show, we also helped out setting up the Season Opening Gala. The Gala was so much fun! Interacting with our community and patrons was a wonderful experience. It was great to finally meet some of the patrons who have made my internship possible. With tasty catering and champagne provided by many local restaurants and vendors, and some auctions that raised a ton of money for the theatre, guests at the Gala were treated to an elegant evening at Orlando Shakes, and even got to see a sneak preview of Earnest! Click here to check out a few fantastic photos from the Gala (courtesy Orlando Magazine)

Looking ahead, Earnest is currently in previews (and already receiving standing ovations) and Opening Night is Friday, September 16th, with a party afterwards open to all patrons, complete with food and wine tastings. Should be a lot of fun!

I’m excited to continue to test my theatre skills in classes this Saturday, as well as start understudying God of Carnage next week…I hope everyone in the cast of Earnest breaks a leg and has a great opening weekend!


About Ryan Czerwonko:

Ryan CzerwonkoRyan Czerwonko

Ryan, our 2011/2012 acting/education intern here at Orlando Shakes, will blog weekly throughout his nine month internship at the theater.  A recent graduate from Ohio University with a BFA in Theatre Performance, Ryan is slated to appear onstage Adam in Miss Nelson is Missing He is currently understudying Merriman/Lane in The Importance of Being Earnest, as well as Michael Novak in God of Carnage, Look for more casting announcements soon!


One response

  1. jim Helsinger

    Ryan –

    Great to read your comments and see how everything is going so far. It’s wonderful for our audiences to hear not only about the shows, but about our education programs, both for yourself and you journey through the year, but also for the community members you will be assisting throughout the year.

    Thanks, Jim

    September 22, 2011 at 3:38 pm

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