Behind the scenes at Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Free Cupcakes this Saturday, April 2nd!

The last two weeks have been a blur!  Orlando Shakes closed the Classic Rep, opened a lovely production of Charm, and has been rehearsing like crazy for our Theater for Young Audiences production of Alexander Who’s Not Not Not Not Not Not Going to Move—which opens this weekend!

Alexander has been a wild ride of a rehearsal process, that’s for sure.  We spend the entire show running all over the stage (and all over backstage), crawling in and out of giant moving boxes, occasionally running through the audience, hiding and seeking, playing tug-of-war, and (since it’s a musical) singing throughout all of it!  Throw in a few lightning-fast costume changes, and the cast is pretty wiped out after a full run… but we have been having a blast!


Alexander and Swoozie, the dog

Our first preview fell on a morning when the rain was absolutely out of control, and there were tornado warnings in the surrounding counties.  One of the two school groups couldn’t make it through the rain to see us, but the other group was bound and determined to see the show!  There were only about 30 people total in the audience (plus a few Orlando Shakes staff), but they really enjoyed it—even though we had a slight power mishap (thanks a bunch, Mother Nature) in the middle of the performance.

BUT, we we’re prepared! The stage manager announced that we were experiencing technical difficulties that had to be attended to, so a few of the cast members played “I Spy” with the kids for a few minutes while the adjustments were made.  We had a blast, and finished up the show without further ado!

The Rooney Sisters

Opening day will be very exciting for a few reasons, the first being that opening a show is always exciting!  Secondly, the cast (as their characters) goes out for autographs after the weekend shows, and I’ve been working hard on my character signature.  Finally, Alexander is sponsored by Sweet! by Miss Holly, which means… free cupcakes for everyone!

Sweet! By Holly logo

Hope to see you there!


Kristin Headshot

Kristin Shirilla - 10/11 Intern

Meet Kristin Shirilla

Kristin is a recent graduate of Ohio University’s BFA acting program, an Orlando Shakes acting intern for the 2010-2011 season.  Don’t miss her in ALEXANDER WHO’S NOT…GOING TO MOVE as Paul and Swoozie, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM  as Mustardseed or in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE as the spoiled Lydia Bennet. Ohio University credits include THE TEMPEST (Miranda), ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (Octavia, Lepidus, and more) and LOVE’S LABOURS LOST (Moth)


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