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FREE Event this Sunday: Romeo and Juliet

Join us this Sunday, March 13 at 7PM as we conclude our popular Cross-Dress’d Shakespeare Reading Series with one of the most enduring love stories of all time, Romeo and Juliet.

Cross Dress'd Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet tells the tale of two star-crossed lovers and their famously feuding families.  As tensions between the Montagues and Capulets approach a deadly breaking point, the children of each house fall more and more deeply in love.  Our age-reversed reading allows audiences to see this classic story from a new angle – the lovers will be 45 years old and up, and the parents will be 40 and below.

How does this classic romance evolve when viewed through a pair of older eyes, with their children desperately trying to control them!  What might we learn about the relationships between parents and children, how age changes our outlook on life, and the nature of love?

Dennis Neal

Dennis Neal

John Didonna, Co-Producing Artistic Director of the Empty Spaces Theatre Co(llaboration), directs a cast that includes Dennis Neal as Romeo and Robin Olson as Juliet, with Michael Edwards (Mercutio), Christopher Kiley (Friar Lawrence), Bob Lipka (Benvolio), Tom Nowicki (Tybalt), and Kristin Shirilla (Nurse).

“When looked at in the standard ages, Romeo and Juliet can seem impetuous in that first love – and that impetuous and impulsive nature – so inherent in their youth – leads to dire circumstances,” said Director John Didonna. “In this version, however, it is not the beginning blush of first young love, but the longing and need for a final love. That makes it all the more real, and complex, and full of deep yearning as it is forbidden.”

The Cross-Dress’d Reading Series is free and open to the public.  Limited Seating Available. Romeo and Juliet will take place in the Margeson Theater at the John & Rita Lowndes Shakespeare Theater (812 East Rollins) in Orlando’s Loch Haven Cultural Park.

Romeo and Juliet Cast:

  • Prince Escalus – Mason D. Criswell
  • Paris – Mark Brotherton
  • Montague – Grant Jordan
  • Capulet –  Ian Kramer
  • Romeo – Dennis Neal
  • Mercutio  – Michael Edwards
  • Benvolio  – Bob Lipka
  • Tybalt – Tom Nowicki
  • Friar Lawrence – Christopher Kiley
  • Balthasar – Skip Alderman
  • Peter/Friar John  – Matt Wenge
  • Lady Montague/Apothecary – Pascha Weaver
  • Lady Capulet- Brooke M. Haney
  • Juliet – Robin Olson
  • Nurse – Kristin Shirilla

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